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Owner of KHTS Radio and Santa Clarita resident, Carl Goldman, has changed his life with Hometown Keto. Utilizing a high fat, low carb diet, he has experienced increased energy and heightened focus. Backed by research, Hometown Keto helps people lose weight, including all those stubborn areas that haven’t budged in years. Experience this high fat diet for yourself. Lose weight and keep the weight off.

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Hometown Keto is a sustainable and dramatic approach to the popular, scientifically supported high fat low carb diet plan. With the addition of a Keto-Os supplement, hi fat foods are consumed by your body in nutritional ketosis, the body’s natural fat-burning state. When maintained — even for a few days — a hi fat low carb diet supported by Santa Clarita keto supplements produces incredible effects: rapid fat loss, sustained energy levels and increased focus. By switching to high fat low carb foods, and adding a keto supplement, your body uses fat as fuel, rather than protein or carbs. Ultimately, this scientific advancement has revolutionized the hi fat diet, making hi fat low carb foods an easy and sustainable way to reach maximum health — and stay there.

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