Hometown Keto is taking the benefits of a high fat low carb diet to new heights.

The missing ingredient to the popular ketogenic diet has now unlocked incredible health benefits that are accessible to everyone — instead of just the nation’s leading athletes.

Years ago, scientists discovered the benefits of eating high fat foods, but it was too difficult to maintain a high fat diet for the average American. It was missing a key ingredient. Today, scientists have formulated the Hometown Keto supplement, triggering the benefits of a high fat low carb diet without the intense exercise commitment.

How It Works

Your body burns three types of fuel to produce energy — carbs, proteins, and fats — and each type of fuel produces different results in the body.

For example, think about your body as a campfire. To build a thriving fire, you can use three types of fuel — kindling, logs and coal — and each burns a little differently.

Kindling burns quickly, and if you’re not careful, it can burn up before the logs even have a chance to catch fire. That fire consumes kindling much like your body consumes carbs. Carbs produce a quick burst of energy that peters out almost as quickly as it came on, never giving us the consistent energy we need.

Logs take a little longer to catch fire than kindling, but once they do, they burn slower and for longer than kindling. The logs are your proteins, which produce a steadier form of energy. If the logs burn long enough, they will catch the coals on fire, too.

Coals burn steadily over a much longer period of time, producing a nice long heat to keep you warm. Figuratively, this is the body’s fat-burning zone. When the body burns on fat, or coal, it produces a high level of energy, or heat, that is sustainable. If you can catch the coal on fire, it will give you the longest and best source of energy.

So what does all this mean for fat loss? While carbs produce little usable energy, protein creates a longer, steadier energy level; however, eating too much protein can block us from reaching our body’s peak fat-burning zone. That’s where the high fat diet comes into play.

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So What Do We Eat?

For optimal fat burning, energy and focus, we need to maintain a delicate balance of the three fuel sources: mostly fats, enough proteins, and low carbs. The challenge is getting the coal to catch fire, or reaching your body’s natural fat-burning state: ketosis.

When you reach ketosis, or the state in which your body burns pure fat, you release ketones. These ketones, or naturally occurring chemical compounds, are like motivational speakers for the various systems in your body. They increase energy and focus, providing a valuable source of fuel to the brain. More importantly, they burn fat because it’s no longer being blocked by the carbs and proteins.

If it’s so important to burn through the carbs and proteins to get to the high fat foods, then why don’t we eat like this all the time?

Reaching the Fat Burning Zone

To reach naturally reach ketosis, you would have to work out 10 times harder than you are right now. It takes a lot of push-ups to deplete all your existing carb and protein sources, so you can reach the fat-burning zone, where the real work begins. Even once you get there, it can take weeks, or even months, to maintain steady ketosis and produce a noticeable effect. But that’s where the magic happens!

Fortunately, scientists recently configured the right blend of high fat low carb foods in one ketosis-inducing supplement. When paired with a high fat low carb diet, this new ketosis supplement helps the body enter and maintain its optimal state. The results? A steady burning fire that melts the fat away.

Hometown Keto is a sustainable and dramatic approach to the popular, scientifically supported high fat low carb diet plan. With the addition of a Keto-Os supplement, hi fat foods are consumed by your body in nutritional ketosis, the body’s natural fat-burning state. When maintained — even for a few days — a hi fat low carb diet supported by Santa Clarita keto supplements produces incredible effects: rapid fat loss, sustained energy levels and increased focus. By switching to high fat low carb foods, and adding a keto supplement, your body uses fat as fuel, rather than protein or carbs. Ultimately, this scientific advancement has revolutionized the hi fat diet, making hi fat low carb foods an easy and sustainable way to reach maximum health — and stay there.

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