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My Cravings Have Disappeared

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By Carl Goldman My cravings have disappeared. The high fat, low carb diet and lifestyle change I undertook two months prior is filled with surprises. My body, mind and spirit are now in a full stage of ketosis, in perfect harmony. My supplemental shake, using Keto-os has made it simple to stay in ketosis. I […]

High Fat, Low Carb Diet Revitalizes Jerri Jorgensen

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Jerri Jorgensen - Hometown Keto

The High Fat, Low Carb Diet became the game-changer for Jerri Jorgensen. The outgoing, vivacious sixty-two year old mother of five has always stayed fit, been conscious of her weight and concerned about nutrition. Her healthy lifestyle led her to an eye-opening experience when she switched to a High Fat, Low Carb Diet, with the […]