The High Fat, Low Carb Diet became the game-changer for Jerri Jorgensen.

The outgoing, vivacious sixty-two year old mother of five has always stayed fit, been conscious of her weight and concerned about nutrition. Her healthy lifestyle led her to an eye-opening experience when she switched to a High Fat, Low Carb Diet, with the assistance of Keto OS.

“I first heard about Keto OS from my friend Sarah,” Jerri shared. “She said just taste this drink. I did and it was so delicious. To me that’s most important because I am not interested in gagging anything down.”

Keto OS is the first therapeutic ketone supplement brought to the world. The supplement makes it easy to switch into a state of “ketosis” which allows your body to burn stored fats creating a healthier long-lasting energy unlike the heavy carbs that turns into sugars and creates a rollercoaster effect by generating the highs and lows so many of us experience daily.

Better Sleep, More Clarity, More Energy

“I’m sixty-two, post-menopausal and I wanted to lose ten pounds,” said Jerri. “I was more impressed when Sarah told me it would assist in leveling out my hormones as it had done for her. So, I gave it the thirty-day test.”

By the sixth day, Jerri was converted. “I noticed better sleep, more clarity, more energy, I could work out two hours in the gym, go to work, then do a yoga class in the evening, and ask what movies are playing tonight? After six weeks, I had lost ten pounds, all of it in the right places.”

Jerri is like thousands of other women who have discovered the benefits of vastly reducing their carbs and switching over to eating the right kind of fats. High Fat foods like avocados, organic cheeses, eggs, cream and nuts. The high fats, mixed in with the right kinds of proteins such as wild salmon, free-range chicken and beef and shell fish such as clams, mussels and scallops make eating more fun than ever.

“I am experiencing many other positive side effects from my switch to the High Fat, Low Carb diet,” Jerri added. “My joints have a lot more mobility, fluidity easier movement, kind of like the tin man when Dorothy puts oil in his joints. My skin is not as dry. I used to live and die with chap stick. My concentration and focus have vastly improved, even my husband Mark has noticed. And he would add my positive mood remains positive instead of the mood swings he used to dread.”

Keto OS Supplement Is Easy To Prepare

The Keto OS supplement is hitting the easy button with this diet.

“I drink two shakes a day.” Jerri reflected. “The shakes make it easy to follow the diet and it helps eliminate my former cravings. I haven’t even had a desire for a diet coke since starting the diet, and I was a former giant revenue stream for that soft drink company.”

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The Keto OS supplement is easy to prepare. Simply add in a quarter cup of heavy cream, pour in the powder and fill the remainder with purified water. Shake and you’re ready for your first sip. It’s wise to drink it slowly, over a fifteen to twenty-minute period.

“I take my first shake as I’m getting hungry, or before my morning workout.” I eat two meals a day and have my second shake in between my two meals or sometimes I take it before I go to bed. I love this diet because I don’t have to follow a schedule, I just let my body tell me what to eat.”

Jerri Jorgensen is sharing her success with many of her friends and family. “I don’t push it, Jerri reflected. “I just let my new being shine and people usually just ask, what’s up with you?”

Hometown Keto is a sustainable and dramatic approach to the popular, scientifically supported high fat low carb diet plan. With the addition of a Keto-Os supplement, hi fat foods are consumed by your body in nutritional ketosis, the body’s natural fat-burning state. When maintained — even for a few days — a hi fat low carb diet supported by Santa Clarita keto supplements produces incredible effects: rapid fat loss, sustained energy levels and increased focus. By switching to high fat low carb foods, and adding a keto supplement, your body uses fat as fuel, rather than protein or carbs. Ultimately, this scientific advancement has revolutionized the hi fat diet, making hi fat low carb foods an easy and sustainable way to reach maximum health — and stay there.

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