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My Cravings Have Disappeared

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By Carl Goldman My cravings have disappeared. The high fat, low carb diet and lifestyle change I undertook two months prior is filled with surprises. My body, mind and spirit are now in a full stage of ketosis, in perfect harmony. My supplemental shake, using Keto-os has made it simple to stay in ketosis. I […]

High Fat, Low Carb Diet Revitalizes Jerri Jorgensen

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Jerri Jorgensen - Hometown Keto

The High Fat, Low Carb Diet became the game-changer for Jerri Jorgensen. The outgoing, vivacious sixty-two year old mother of five has always stayed fit, been conscious of her weight and concerned about nutrition. Her healthy lifestyle led her to an eye-opening experience when she switched to a High Fat, Low Carb Diet, with the […]

Hometown Keto: The First 30-Days on a Keto Diet

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Hometown Keto Starts Working in Under 30-Days A Keto High Fat, Low Carb diet can change your life in many unexpected ways. In the first 30-days you can expect many positive changes. A keto diet shifts your body into burning fat instead of carbohydrates for its energy needs which produces “ketones” in your bloodstream and […]

Howntown Keto Friendly Vegetables

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Eating vegetables can help reduce your risk of developing cancer Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United states state that vegetables can help reduce your risk of developing cancer. For your Hometown Keto diet it is important to minimize the number of carbohydrates so we’ve compiled a list of great vegetables to choose […]

Hometown Keto Friendly Fruit

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Reduce your risk of cancer by eating fruit According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by eating fruit you can help reduce your risk of developing cancer. Due to their sweetness, fruit tends to have more carbohydrates compared to vegetables. By choosing keto friendly fruit with fewer carbohydrates per serving we are able […]

Hometown Keto Is Taking A High Fat Low Carb Diet To New Heights

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Hometown Keto is taking the benefits of a high fat low carb diet to new heights. The missing ingredient to the popular ketogenic diet has now unlocked incredible health benefits that are accessible to everyone — instead of just the nation’s leading athletes. Years ago, scientists discovered the benefits of eating high fat foods, but […]

New High Fat, Low Carb Diet Transforms Owner Of KHTS Radio

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From KHTS Radio Owner of KHTS Radio and Santa Clarita resident, Carl Goldman, has changed his life with Hometown Keto. Utilizing a high fat, low carb diet, he has experienced increased energy and heightened focus. Backed by research, Hometown Keto helps people lose weight, including all those stubborn areas that haven’t budged in years. Experience […]