By Carl Goldman

My cravings have disappeared. The high fat, low carb diet and lifestyle change I undertook two months prior is filled with surprises. My body, mind and spirit are now in a full stage of ketosis, in perfect harmony. My supplemental shake, using Keto-os has made it simple to stay in ketosis. I drink my shake once a day, in the mid-morning.

Two months ago, my wife Jeri enticed me to experience the new high fat, low carb diet. After agreeing to a 30-day commitment, I learned the Keto diet wasn’t only a diet, it was a lifestyle adjustment with amazing results.

As I discovered more information, it all started making more and more sense. That was our diet one-hundred years ago, before sugars and preservatives took over our diet.

LeBron James’ Secret Diet

What’s the secret to LeBron Jame’s ability to pour it on like no one else toward the end of a grueling NBA game? His energy is coming from fat while many of his competitors are relying on sugars, (glucose) to get that final surge of energy.

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Nasa and the Navy Seals have also made the switch. That, along with our own eye-openers persuaded us to build a website, It’s there to make it easy for you to try and see for yourself.  You’ll be astonished to see how easy it is and the results you’ll feel after just thirty-days.

The High Fat, Low Carb Lifestyle Is Easy

Making the change to the High Fat, Low Carb lifestyle became easy. I lost inches on my waist in a manner of days. My energy, concentration and focus improved. No more rollercoaster. No more highs and lows in energy or focus throughout the day and into the night. I no longer was addicted to coffee, but found I could still enjoy it on occasions.

Those donuts sitting on the counter in our office kitchen are no longer a temptation. My Tuesdays with our friends at a local Mexican restaurant still could be enjoyable. An easy switch to an extra side of avocado instead of rice, beans, chips and tortillas was a no-brainer.

My energy level is now a steady high burn. I have always been a high energy individual, but when I piled on the carbs and sugars throughout the day, I was on a rollercoaster, using caffeine or sugar to give me energy boosts throughout the day. The sugars convert to glucose, which is the equivalent of relying on kindling to fuel a fire for energy instead of an oak log. The fire burns quickly and craves more kindling.

Ketosis Explained

Ketosis is a state that creates the logs for fuel. By switching to the Keto diet, your body will shift from burning glucose for fuel to burning fat for fuel. Your body creates, “ketones,” which is what puts your body into the state of “ketosis.” Make sense?

Mix the right fats and proteins into your diet, reduce the carbs and your body will adjust very quickly. You may discover a list of the right fats and proteins and details about what to eat and what not to eat throughout our hometown keto website.

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Reaching a state of ketosis can be done without drinking Keto-os, however it takes hard work. Athletes can do the heavy lifting and continue to stay disciplined. Many marathon runners and stars like LeBron James have been doing it for years. But for folks like me, it’s much tougher. I don’t have the discipline. I don’t have the patience to wait 30-45 days to reach ketosis. I want results quickly and easily. That’s why the Keto-os supplement is such a joy.

Keto-os is produced by the company, Pruvit. Take it once or twice a day. It’s a powdered supplement put into a creamy shake. Sip it slowly and it becomes the catalyst to quickly turn your body into a state of ketosis. For me, taking it in the late morning works best. My cravings are gone and now my body is talking to me, telling me what else to eat to support the process.

My Keto Diet Is Easy

Sticking with the Keto Diet is easy. Eggs, avocados, cheeses, cashews, almonds, organic peanut butter and a multiple supply of berries (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are my favorite) have made it easy to replace my former morning fix of donuts or bagels.

The protein I eat is pretty much the same. I stick with the free-range chicken, beef, ham and pork. I love fish, but am cautious to go with the wild ones, not raised on farms, and I stay away from the bottom feeders.

Now, all my cravings are gone. My body is experiencing ketosis harmony. I no longer crave the pasta I used to have several times a week. Instead, pasta made of squash mixed in with a sauce does the trick. I can still have my meatballs, mushrooms and sausage. For dessert, berries and whipped cream or sour cream with sliced almonds have replaced tiramisu.

For breakfast, eggs, bacon, ham and cheese remain the same. I simply switch my potatoes with avocado and all is good. For dessert, try a peanut butter cookie, just add a few sugar free dark chocolate chips and you’ll be a convert. We have many incredibly delicious dessert recipes posted throughout this hometown keto website.

Your High Fat, Low Carb Commitment Is Easy

Making the switch to the high fat, low carb diet was easy. The lifestyle change is reaping so many rewards. In encourage you to try it for 30-days. I know you’ll feel a major positive difference. Here’s how to order your Keto-os.

Hometown Keto is a sustainable and dramatic approach to the popular, scientifically supported high fat low carb diet plan. With the addition of a Keto-Os supplement, hi fat foods are consumed by your body in nutritional ketosis, the body’s natural fat-burning state. When maintained — even for a few days — a hi fat low carb diet supported by Santa Clarita keto supplements produces incredible effects: rapid fat loss, sustained energy levels and increased focus. By switching to high fat low carb foods, and adding a keto supplement, your body uses fat as fuel, rather than protein or carbs. Ultimately, this scientific advancement has revolutionized the hi fat diet, making hi fat low carb foods an easy and sustainable way to reach maximum health — and stay there.

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